Monday, January 31, 2011

Season's DO change...& it's Okay.

Season's Change....& It's Okay

Great Monday morning to you all. I pray you had a peaceful weekend. As for me..I enjoyed my awesome "Snowcation" and I didn't want it to come to an end. Although I despise the white stuff, I do appreciate the stillness and calmness it brings to the universe. I love the fact that it has the ability to slow life down a bit and I think we all need that.

Pay It Forward: I tipped a waitress a good chunk on my food bill on Saturday. I was blessed with a very successful night with my business on Friday so I wanted to share a little of what I had received. I hope it met a need for her.

This week’s blog, Season's speaking about the seasons of our lives. We have seasons where we experience moments of being lonely, trials, restructuring of relationships, financial instability & uneasiness. Then we experience seasons where friendships/relationships blossom, finances are plentiful, there's laughter, excitement, new opportunities and a great season of harvest! Then we have the seasons where there isn't much going on..nothing bad..nothing good. Just a life plateau. You go with the flow of things and just enjoy things being uneventful. We have seasons of sowing and we also have seasons of reaping.
The changing of the seasons in our lives is not only good for us but necessary for individual growth and development.
These seasons also have an impact on friendships and intimate relationships. There are people who come into our lives during various seasons and they serve a purpose for THAT season. I know we are all too familiar with the saying "Season, Reason & a Lifetime." I don't have to explain that one any further. But, I do want to stop for a minute and park it on the fact that oftentimes we hold on to relationships and friendships that are past their expiration dates. What do I mean by that? Some people come into our lives to teach us things, to challenge us, to motivate us, to serve as our reflective mirror {meaning they help us see ourselves in them}, to comfort us etc. Many of them placed by divine intervention. We don't know what the reason is but God knows. After their purpose has been served in our lives....the season's change. Please note...I'm not speaking of those connections that are divinely determined to be your "Lifetime" here. I'm speaking specifically about those connections deemed by God to be for a season. Seasonal connections expire. This is not a bad thing. It's simply the way life evolves. The ultimate purpose for our lives is to fulfill a destiny and some connections are made to assist us on that journey..nothing more. Nothing less. He designs the paths we cross, when we cross them and for what purpose they will have in getting us to where He ultimately wants us to be.
 The problem comes in when we don't want to let go of the connection for whatever reason. The connection is past its expiration date...the season has changed...but we are still holding on. This leads to relationships/friendships filled with confusion, disruption, non-productivity, side-tracking from your goals and purpose, heartache, financial problems, and just pure chaos. Many times He's trying to tell us, "Let the season change...and Let go of the connection." It's up to us to listen. In some cases HE will end the connection for us, but it’s for our own good. Holding on to relationships/friendships that have a divine expiration date will not produce good fruit. It's not always easy for us to accept this. Nor is it always easy to let go. In these situations you have to really pray and seek wisdom.
So if you're in a transitional season....accept it. Embrace it. Approach it with clarity and comfort knowing He is the driving force behind the transition. He is the meteorologist of your seasons! Your transition may involve your job, family dynamics, children coming of age, school, finances, death of a loved one, emotions, spirituality etc. Whatever the transition is…simply travel along your journey, pray and know that seasons will change....and it's okay.

Have a wonderful week!

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