Monday, January 10, 2011

Perfect Timing!

Perfect Timing

Happy Monday Everyone! I pray you all had a peaceful week. Before I get into this weeks blog, I want to an effort to hold myself accountable for my "Pay it Forward" declaration & way of living I will post my deeds each week on this blog.

Pay It Forward - I placed 30 minutes on a clothes dryer for a man that looked like he could use it. It wasn't much but he simply smiled and said, "Thank you." It felt AMAZING!

This week I want to zero in on Gods Perfect Timing. As I was driving to work this morning, I spent time reflecting back on specific situations in my life where I spent time worrying, losing sleep, not eating, sad, depressed and anxious. The never ending questions: IF certain things would happen for me? Would things work out? Why didn't certain things work out? How would they work out or come together? When things would fall into place? Those questions that can and will drive you crazy! In that same reflective moment, I fast forward to where I am now. I think about how IF certain things didn't happen EXACTLY when and how they DID happen.....I would be screwed! {For lack of a better word}. If things had happened when and how I wanted them to happen I can't even begin to imagine the horrible place I would be in right now. Emotional fear based decisions on MY part would have landed me in a place where I would be begging to get out of! Although at the time..I thought I knew what was best and when it was best for ME!

Thank GOD for His perfect timing! The great thing about praying for direction and surrendering control over your life is that you don't have to bog yourself down with the pressures of life. AND...even GreatER is that your prayers won't be answered not a moment TOO soon! Even IF you don't understand the why, when or how of things, just know there is an appointed time for everything. Pray, live & let God guide.

Life is a process. The thing you've been praying for may very well be in your plan BUT there are things YOU need to go through BEFORE you can obtain it. Perhaps He knows that you're not quite ready for it. Perhaps if you DID get it wouldn't be able to hold on to it. Perhaps there are other things that need to happen in your life to season you and prep you for it. Perhaps if you did get it really wouldn't appreciate it. My point being..He knows. He knows your desires, prayers & concerns. Not only does He know IF...He knows WHEN. So, don't worry yourself to death over things in your life. Trust I'm speaking to you...I'm also listening to myself! I need this word like many of you and I know how difficult it is at times to trust that His timing is in fact, Perfect.
Don't give up! Hang in there...and know that if you surrender the best life you can...try to make the best decisions you can...He will bless! And..even if he doesn't give you what you've been praying for, He has a far better plan than we do. You just have to trust that!

I leave you with my favorite scripture:
Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your paths."

Have a super week!


  1. This has been the basis of my daily prayers- I've always been a let it flow where ever life leads me kind of person, slow to make decisions but this is tricky because it can leave u reactive and inactive. I pray for the balance of waiting on God while being active in my life decisions.

  2. "Man made plans and God laughed." I'm not sure who said this but it is one of my favorite quotes. Like you stated, sometimes we get so caught up sulking about why things haven't panned out the way we thought they would have or if certain things may happen at all that we forget that ultimately it is His will that will be done. Who are we to question the timing or manner in which He operates. Thanks for sharing. We all need to learn how to not waste away sulking and staring at a closed door...

  3. Dear Anonymous..Thank you! You make a very valid point: "this is tricky because it can leave u reactive and inactive. I pray for the balance of waiting on God while being active in my life decisions." <----Waiting on Him does not mean sit back and do nothing! People often miss that point. I appreciate your feedback...

  4. LuminoUS, true! -->"Man made plans and God laughed." I know I've had SEVERAL plans that He probably rolled on the floor laughing at. *smile* Thank you for your feedback..also insightful..

  5. I arm myself everyday with the simple prayer "Your Will...Not Mine" And although I get impatient from time to time, I remind myself that HIS will for my life is greater than my need for instant gratification.

  6. I needed to read this post tonight more than you can ever imagine!! Thank you from the depths of my heart!!! Proverbs 3:5-6 is one of my most favorite scriptures of all times....and needs to be the first thing I focus on each day! Lee, I loved what you said!! It is a simple prayer but oh so hard to remember to pray!!! " Your Will...Not Mine!" As we wait anxiously on job decisions for my daughter and her husband, I need to focus on both these verses and the fact that we Don't want Anything unless it is Truly HIS WILL!!!!!! It really takes alot of the burden off of us if we will truly just Trust Him!!!!
    Thanks again for your wonderful, honest post in this blog!!! I loved it and needed it!!!!

  7. Thank you Carolyn! Yes, Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite scriptures. I'm praying for your daughter and her husband. As we touch and agree on their behalf, I know what prayer can do...change things! Tell them to hang in there. Please keep us posted. I know an awesome testimony is on the horizon!