Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Change is a Process

Change: Celebrate the small Steps

Happy Monday Everyone! I pray you had a peaceful weekend.

Pay It Forward: I gave away items to 2 of my coworkers for their kids. I was asked several times "How much do you want for this?" It made me feel good inside to simply say, "Nothing."

This week I want to focus on the topic of Change. A week or so ago, I was talking to a dear friend of mine...we chatted a bit and then out of the blue she said to me, "You've changed." I asked her to explain to me how so...she went on to say that based on our conversation she could tell that something was different with me and that I had in fact, changed. She went on to assure me that the change she saw in me was in fact a change for the better and that it was evident. That made my heart smile more than she could have ever known. It almost brought a few tears to my eyes. To know that I was making the necessary adjustments in my life, my walk, my daily living that someone else noticed a change...made me feel so thankful and proud. It let me know that not only am I hearing the word...but I'm applying it to my life. I am living with the goal of not only talking the talk...but walking the walk. Meaning, I'm held accountable for what I say and do. But in that...I can STILL be myself! I'm FAR from perfect and there are still areas of my life that I know I need to zero in on and really pray about them. There are situations & fears that I have to work daily at making sure they don't become stumbling blocks for me and where I want to go in life. My destiny. My God given destiny....
The change that she, and other people have witnessed in me...has been a process. I'm still in process mode. I do believe now more than ever in the saying: "I may not be what/where I want to be...but I THANK GOD I'm not what I used to be!" Man see's my flaws but God knows the finished product. I'm just so grateful that He allowed her to reveal that to me because that encouraged ME to keep on keeping on!
When we think about changes that we make in our lives...we often get so caught up in the final product and don't take the time to celebrate the small accomplishments. Example: If you say you want to stop smoking....and one day you "fall off the wagon"...don't beat yourself up about it! Celebrate the fact that instead of smoking 10 cigarettes a day...you're now down to 5! You may not be at your "I've quit smoking" stage but you're well on your way~! So, celebrate! It will give you more encouragement and will serve as a reminder that change is in fact a process. I used smoking as my example but it can be anything...maybe you want to change how you react in stressful situations, how you deal emotionally, how you treat other people, how you manage your finances, how you treat YOURSELF, how you manage your time etc. Whatever your change is...just remember that change is a process. Don't beat yourself up if you have a setback. Simply acknowledge it and keep moving on! Celebrate each and every milestone, no matter how small you may think it is. Before you know it...you will be at the finish line and the change will be a new way of life.
I have to note that not everyone will support, accept or love the changes you will make. They may have a hard time adjusting to the "new & better" you. As long as you know the changes YOU are making are for you to live a more peaceful & authentic life..don't let how they feel or what they say discourage you!! Stay focused on your goals!
I encourage you all, if there is something you have been desiring to change...Pray and ask God for wisdom, strength & direction. With Him as your guide you can never go wrong OR fall short!

Have a super dooper splendid week!

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