Friday, June 14, 2013

Do you Trust His Will?

I must confess...I've been convicted for neglecting this Blog. So many things have happened in my life since my last entry but I know this is something I've been called to do and God WILL see to it that I do. It's bigger than me and I must be held accountable. Lord forgive me.
The reason I love the above picture is because it reassures me that life is a process. The plan God has for me, and for you, will sometimes involve pain and discomfort. BUT...when you are living in the will of God there is purpose in the process.
God builds character in you during the stormy seasons of your life.
Think back to the most difficult seasons of your life. Now, think about how that painful and difficult time altered the course of your life and who you are today.
The stormy seasons of life ultimately teach us something and are very much part of Gods plan to develop and grow us. Character is not build without some form of pain and or suffering. You have to go through in order to be who God needs you to be according to His will. The pieces of the plan don't always fit together or make sense. But when you reach the true passion and purpose for your life they will fit together just perfectly. In time it will be revealed.
Please know...if you continue to trust Him, pray and believe... those difficult times will prove to work out for your good. Even though you can't see it now there is always a blessing waiting on the other end of the storm. I can testify to that.
The most painful season of my life was indeed the work of God. It made me into a better person and for that I have to give praise. Had I not gone through that time of my life I would NOT be where I am today. It was painful, depressing and just too much for me at times but Gods plan was to prosper me and take me to the next level in my life. I am indeed a new creature in Christ. Not without flaw and fault... but my heart was changed and character was developed within me.
If you are in that season of your life right now please don't give up and throw in the towel. Hang in there. It's hard. It's painful. But God will show up in your life. Something is being developed within you that needed to be done. It had to be this way. Why? We may never know but God does. That's the hard part. Trusting that He knows what's best even when it seems like NO good can come of the situation. It's scary and trust me I know it's not an easy pill to swallow.
His purpose and plan for your life will prevail over any circumstance or situation you may be facing. Have peace in that fact. This will some how...some out for your good!
Be blessed.