Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the Beginning....

                           "Don't Downplay the Set-up of your Blessing"

How many times have you gone through things in your life and you've asked the question, "WHY did I have to go through that?" Or..."How does that life lesson play into the bigger picture of my life's purpose?"
I'm not sure about you...but I've gone through some things that I really wish I didn't have to go through. I wish I could have just pressed the fast-forward button of my life and skipped over some chapters, events, heartaches, set-backs, trials etc and just learned some lessons in a different way. I've asked, "why did I have to experience THAT to get HERE?"

The thing we must understand is that God knows US. He knows our hearts, our thoughts, our inter workings...better than WE know ourselves. He knows what things need to happen in order to shape and mold us into the people we were put here to be. I would be doing a disservice to this blog if I didn't include the fact that a lot of times WE put ourselves into situations that God never intended us to be in but that's a whole nother blog! So, I will just say this...even when we mess up and put ourselves into those not so good situations, God can turn even the bad...into Good! But I digress....Those things we must go through serve as character and faith builders and without them, we would never live up to our potential or get the lessons meant for our lives. Those situations refine us. They are necessary in order for us to see beyond our current positions in life.
Think back to what you considered the worst thing to ever happen in your life (pause). Now, think of how that particular situation was the catalyst for other things happening in your life (pause). Now, think about how what you perceived to be a "bad" situation actually was the set-up for all the "good" things that came after. Although when you were IN the situation, nothing good seemed like it could come of it! While you were IN itself really sucked! You just didn't see how such a "bad" situation...could actually work for your good. You cried, groaned, and felt like God Himself had turned his back on you. You felt as though all hope was lost and you had no idea how things would EVER get better.
Then...the clouds faded away and the sun began to shine in your life. You weathered the storm and because you did, you now see why that certain situation had to happen in order for you to become the person you are today. Yes, it was painful, hurtful and probably seemed down-right unfair! But in the was the very situation that shaped and molded you into a Stronger - Wiser - Better You!
So, the next time things seem to be going haywire in your life and you don't understand why...just Stand. Be receptive to the lesson the universe is trying to teach you. Know that the set-up is in most cases more important than the blessing at the other end of the storm. You have to go through some things in this life in order to be prepared for those things you desire and pray for. You must undergo spiritual conditioning to be in a place where once you DO receive that blessing you will appreciate it and be able to sustain it.

Don't Downplay your setup! Hold on & don't give up. Stay Encouraged.