Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's 365

                                                                Love is.......

I was immediately attracted to this particular picture & I think its kinda dope. No matter what the language...it's still all love.

Pay It Forward: I paid for a gentleman's items at the dollar store. I simply asked him if it was "ok" and he hesitated at first..but then he smiled and said, "That was a really nice thing to do." I must admit..it does make me feel uncomfortable at times because you never know how someone is going to react to you asking if it's ok. But..I've realized that saying, "I just want to do something nice for someone"..instead of "Let me help you" makes a difference. They don't feel like your trying to give them a handout..I guess.

The big love day is next Monday! Red balloons, candy, flowers, cards, massages and everything in between. I think it's wonderful that a special day is set aside for showing that special someone just how you feel and showering them with love. I support it 100%. I support it even more when the person knows AND feels this love all year around. Many people get caught up in the day instead of getting caught up in the fact that 02/15 is just hours away...and then what? Back to the same ole' same ole. I admire couples that really have healthy happy relationships ALL year long. They serve as a template for me and how I want my relationship to be. They have hills and valleys but understand that Valentine's Day type affection is needed even more so in the "valley" times. It makes you appreciate and cherish the high points all the more!

***80/20 rule runs across my mind*** Nobody is perfect. We ALL have flaws. Yes, even YOU! Don't let your 80 go for the 20. Instead..try to turn your 80 into 87.562 *smile* Yes, they get on your nerves, have their own set of antics and moods but knowing that YOU have someone that cares about your well-being, makes sure you have a meal most days, if you're sick you know you can count on them, if you're in need of support they are right there holding you up and cheering you on, if you need a laugh they are there to do the silly stuff that only the two of you know about (inside jokes), they are there to rub your feet when you've had a hard day, they are willing to go to bat for you...even when you're wrong as the day is long...lol, they actually understand you as a person, they support your individual dreams & aspirations & most of all....they provide you with the security of knowing... "We are IN this thing together come hell or high water!" You know that when the going gets tough and stormy...they won't just jump on the next thing sailing. They stay..stick it out..talk it out..work it out...and weather it with you. You weather it together as a team.

Now...after reading that: I challenge you to start your 02/14 Today...show them how much you care and appreciate them.
I will not be blogging next week because I want to focus on my special someone.
You support me, you understand me...and you genuinely have my best interest at heart. You came into my life so unexpectedly. We don't know what tomorrow holds...but we know WHO holds tomorrow. Let's just keep moving forward and letting Him guide us. What we have is effortless..And for that...I'm so thankful.

Have a super dooper sexy week and Valentine's Day Folks!


  1. This week's blog was not for me....it was still a good one. Happy VD!! :-)

  2. Didn't get a chance to read this blog as I was too busy playing cupid...but this has got to be one of my favorites. It speaks to a place that everybody can relate. Like most holidays people get caught up in the history of the day or the commericalism associated with it, but often lose focus of the sheer sentiment. This blog isn't just about the relationship between lovers but all your relationships...Reassure your parents, your children and/or your friends that you're on their team.