Monday, July 1, 2013

"No" is an answer...Praise God for it!

I know it's hard to accept but "No" really is an answer to your prayer(s). In fact it's one that I believe we should shout more for.  Let me explain....the yes is amazing because it's usually an answer we've been praying for. Something we prayed for is now a reality! Maybe it's that relationship, job, financial blessing, new home, new car...etc. When God says yes and you receive whatever it is you've been praying for you know that the desire of your heart, the plans you had, the dreams you had...your prayers...aligned with Gods Will for your life. Now that's wonderful!
When you pray so hard for something. Turn down your plate for it. Worship God for it. Devote your time, energy and prayer life to it and the answer to your prayer from God is No....Now, THAT'S a difficult pill to swallow and even more difficult to understand and accept.
As I grow in my faith I'm coming to realize that when God answers me with a no... I'm far more accepting and thankful for it than I was a few years ago. Why? Because for every no He gave me there was a far better yes....waiting for me on the other side of it. There are some prayers that I was down right pissed when He answered me no but looking back on my life I can truly say, Thank you JESUS for that No!! I'm thankful that He said no to some of the prayers I lifted up because His plans for me were greater than my own.
Maybe you've received your no and it was a tough blow. Maybe your no is one you're having a hard time accepting. Maybe your no has really thrown you for a loop. I've been sent to tell you that this No is indeed the answer to your prayer, even if you can't see it right now. It will work out for your good. God sees the bigger picture and blueprint of your life. He knows what you need and when you need it. He also knows those things you pray for that will really end up hurting you in the long run. Again, even though you can't see it now.
Trust God with the desires of your heart. Trust that His plans for your life are greater than any of the minuscule plans you could ever have. Trust that somehow this no will lead to a yes that will blow your mind....when the time is right. The no could also be a... "not right now."
Until then, trust, believe and have faith that the no you received from God is not to punish you but to put you position for the yes that will blow your mind!
Be Peace!

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