Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I won't complain

A Dear friend shared this with me: "If you have a group of people put all of their problems in a circle, read them aloud, I guarantee you will pick back up your own problems."
God always shows me things that money cannot buy. Health, Love, Strength, Peace of mind and Joy. This is His unique way of dealing with me and keeping me in check. God knows us and He knows exactly how to deal and speak to us. It's amazing that when He does this...my mood, when I'm in a funk, instantly changes! Like, instantly. Thank you Lord for speaking to me and convicting me when I need it. I thank you for ALL you've done for me. Giving me another day to get it right for starters..........
- Things could always be worse.
- Be Thankful for where you are and what you have.
- There is always someone dealing with a situation in life who would love to be in your shoes, problems and all.
- Stop living for what may or may not happen tomorrow. Live for today. Tomorrow may never come.
- Let tomorrow take care of itself. God's Got this. He's got YOU.

I won't complain
I've had some good days
I've had some hills to climb
I've had some weary days
I've had some sleepless nights
But when I look around
And I think things over
All of my good days
Outweigh my bad days

So I won't complain

Sometimes the clouds hang low
I can hardly see the road
And then I ask the question
Lord why so much pain
But He knows what's best for me
Although my weary eyes can't see

So I'll just say thank you Lord
I won't complain

God's been so good to me
The Lord has been so good to me
More than this old world
Or you could ever be
The Lord has been so good to me
And he dried my tears away
And he turn all my midnights into days

So I'll say thank you Lord
I just say thank you Lord
I'll just say thank you Lord
I won't complain

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