Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moving Past Your Fears!

So many people are living limited and joy-less lives because of their fears. I love the above picture because that's exactly what we do... FEED fears! We reach back into our past and dig up old situations that help our fears to grow. We search the internet for Dr.Google to further intensify our fears. We seek the counsel of those people who will not hesitate to "keep it real" with us by offering worse case scenario's to our fears. Fear is a crippling spirit. It limits us, it depresses us and nothing good ever comes from it. Period.
We will all feel fear in our lives but we don't have to let it keep us from living fully in each moment we are blessed to have. It's okay to acknowledge that you are afraid and to be open about the things you fear but it's NOT okay to let that spirit overtake you. God has not given us the spirit of fear. He has given us the promises of a sound, stable and peaceful mind if we keep our thoughts rooted in His word. 
The tricky thing about fear is that it almost always brings along its trusty pals... worry, doubt, sadness, anxiety and panic. When we fear something we worry about it. We allow it to consume our thoughts and emotions. We begin to doubt IF things will work out. We begin to be sad and our emotional state is altered. We then kick into high gear trying to figure our how things will work out...what we can do to solve it and then anxiety and panic takes us over the top! 
 As you can see, our fears have the ability to totally take our eyes and minds off our center. Fear also negatively impacts your health. 
Oftentimes we stress and worry about things in the future. We paint elaborate events in our minds about how situations will play out. And it's almost always negative. We kill our own spirits with these horrible and dreadful endings! 
Instead of living engulfed by whatever it is that you fear give it to God. Surrender the situation or problem over to the one who is in control. Instead of making yourself sick and living everyday worrying about things turn it over to a God that is and always has been in control. Be at peace knowing that He is better able to handle things and knows exactly how it will all play out in the end. Don't fear or worry about what tomorrow may or may not hold. Live in this very moment enjoying life. 
Pray, seek peace and have full confidence in God's ability to lead and direct. 

"If you're going to worry, Don't Pray. And if you've prayed, don't worry. God's got you!"