Monday, August 20, 2012

What's meant for YOU...will be!

Sometimes the universe has a way of showing you amazing just have to be listening. If you listen and you are receptive to things happening around you, clarity and revelation will come. Also, the universe sets into motion a chain of events in order to assure that those things that are meant only for you...find a way to you. Don't believe me? Let me share with you what happened to me yesterday. 

I have purchased a pair of purple Levi chucks back in 2009. I actually wore them for my birthday party that year and I wore them on my wedding day last month (Pause--Happy One Month Anniversary Sweetpea). Purple is my favorite color so these sneakers are special. Well, last year I was cleaning them and didn't realize that the wipe I was using had bleach in it. Needless to say my right shoe has a little but of a discoloration on it from that dang wipe! I was blown but it wasn't that horrible that I couldn't wear them anymore. But still, noticeable enough that I thought about buying a new pair just for the right shoe. 
Fast forward to yesterday. My wife and I did what we often do...Thrift store shopping for what we call "treasures." She went to look at something and I went to my usual sections which is the household items and the vinyl records crate. Suddenly, I looked over in the shoe department and whadda ya know a PAIR OR PURPLE LEVI CHUCKS!!!! Holy crap! I honestly could not make this up! And, they were MY size. 
But wait. It gets better. 
===This is the part you probably won't believe OR it will totally make you a believer in how the universe works===
I messed up my right shoe with the bleach. The pair of shoes at the thrift store had one perfect right shoe and the left shoe was discolored. The cashier told me the left shoe had been washed out by the sun, at the store, because it was in the display window. But she said she put the shoes on the rack in the thrift store anyway. When I told her the story of my shoe and why I was purchasing this pair she said, "GET OUTTA HERE!" lol She even told me to repeat the story to another cashier. lol
I'm sure several people walked right on by the shoes because of that discolored left shoe and the fact that now they no longer matched. Everyone except me. I needed the perfect shoe. The right shoe. Not the left.
You see where I'm going with this?
Those sneakers had my name on them. They were meant for me to see them. The universe knew I needed that shoe. They weren't meant for anyone else. The universe set everything into place long before I knew I would end up at that particular thrift store on yesterday. I got the message loud and clear. What's meant for you...will find its way to you.
Don't look at this as just a pair of shoes. I know I sure don't. This is just one of the many examples of how the universe makes sure you get what's meant for you. You don't have to worry it into place or stress over it. When things don't happen or you don't get what you want just say to yourself with confidence "something else will come my way." Something perfect and tailor-made just for you! This small work of the universe gave me peace with a lot of things. If God gave me something as simple as the "right shoe" I know He will give me everything I need to make it in life. He will also do the same for you. Just trust and listen to the universe along your journey. In your case, it may be a job, house or relationship. Whatever it is...please know that when something is truly meant for you it will be. 




  1. This is a timely and perfect message! Thank you!

  2. As usual, a very timely message...

    This helped me a lot in my journey towards gaining more patience.

    Thanks for sharing.