Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"The Devil Made Me Do It"

"The Devil Made Me Do It"

I pray everyone is in the best health and spirits. I also hope that you're still being mindful of paying it forward and #Love365. A little bit of genuine niceness goes such a long way.

I laughed when I came across this picture because A. I wasn't even born (I don't think) when Flip Wilson was at his antics and B. It SO applies to this blog in some respects.
I've found that we give the devil way too much credit. Well, let me speak for myself... When things are going wrong, or not the way I want them to, when everything seems to be falling down around me, when all hell just seems to be breaking loose...I say, "The devil is just SO busy!" I think culturally we have been programmed to think that when things are not going according to plan or when "bad things" are happening OR "good things" are not happening (that's a whole nother' blog) we immediately give credit to the devil. Sometimes, there are evil forces at play and the devil IS busy but sometimes it has nothing to do with him at all. 
What life has taught me is that sometimes God allows things to happen or not happen to build us. To make us. To shape us. Lessons that come in the form of tests, trials, frustrating predicaments, heartbreak and loss. He allows our finances, health, relationships, children, homes etc to come under attack not to destroy us but to teach us something. And trust me, He KNOWS exactly what to use to get your attention. I've learned some of my greatest lessons during seasons where I thought the devil was surely out to get me! But it turned out not to be the devil...but God shaping, molding and developing my character. I know this because the end results were positive, wonderful and morphed me into the person I am today. I'm far from perfect and I have situations going on in my life at THIS moment where I'm only standing because of my faith but I know that God is with me so I have to press and not lose focus. 
There may be something that is going on in your life right now where you feel like you are under attack. There may be situations that make you question is God even with you. Life may have dealt you some blows that have you feeling like you are the devil's target and you are growing weak. To that I say...maybe, but...it also may be God trying to bless you with something amazing and you have to go through whatever you're going through to be ready for it when it comes. This season may just be your conditioning for your blessing. Through it all you have to pray and be mindful that the rain doesn't last forever. The devil doesn't have reign over your life so stop giving him credit! Stand firm, keep the faith and feel special that God is trusting you to pass this test. 

Have a Super week!

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