Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Day At A Time

"One day at a time...."

I found in life we often live in the future. Instead of living and enjoying this very moment we take on the problems and worry of days we may never see. The truth is, tomorrow is not promised but today...we have another chance to get it right, live in total joy and decide to be happy. Living in the future and having goals/dreams is completely different. It's okay to set future goals and plan how you would like things to happen. It's not okay to become so obsessed with the potential outcome that you forget to value today. If you take a moment to self reflect, I'm sure you will find that those things that keep you in a state of worry and anxiety are things that are in the future. Things that may or may not even happen. So, you waste valuable time in THIS precious day worrying or being sad over something that may never happen. Sounds crazy when you read it but so many of us live in that destructive cycle. 
Living in the "what if's" only robs you of being fully present in this amazing moment that God has given you. Yes, bad things may happen. Yes, things may not go as you planned. Yes, no one ever said this life would be void of hurt, disappointment and pain. BUT....Yes, things could work out wonderfully! Yes, things could play out just as you've dreamed it would. Yes, things could even go a lot better than you thought! You see, looking back on how much time you spent focusing on the negative "what ifs" really stole something from the amazing process unfolding in your life. You look back and realize you didn't fully enjoy certain things in your life because you spent so much non-productive energy assuming things would fail or not work out. That's a pretty sad life to live.
Instead of taking on the "what ifs" and focusing on the days, weeks, months and years about start declaring to only live one day at a time? Declare that in this moment all is well. In this moment everything is going exactly how I want it to and exactly how God preordained it to. In this moment I am happy, I am content and I am at peace. In this moment there are no fires to put out, emergencies to attend to or things that will stress me out! Start enjoying this moment rather than robbing yourself if it by flooding your mind and spirit of things in the future. 
Living one day at a time and trusting God to take care of anything that may be in your future. Living one day at a time and having full confidence that in God you will have the strength to endure whatever it is He has planned for your journey. Also, knowing that everything on that path has a purpose. I know it's easier said than done and I too have to coach myself in living one day at a time. But I do know the benefits of it and I refuse to let any worry of the future rob me of this amazing moment I have in front of me right now. 
One Day At A Time This Is Enough…