Monday, November 15, 2010

Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20

Hindsight is 20/20....And so much MORE!

                           "20/20 Hindsight is thus a perfect view of the past using today's knowledge"

I hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend since my last blog.
Today I want to touch on a topic that made me chuckle but provided SO much insight regarding this very old saying..."Hindsight is 20/20." I will use my own personal experience and you can for SURE laugh at my connection between the two. So, I often ask myself "How can you know if God is really moving IN your life? I mean, despite the obvious can you really see how he's led you, provided guidance, and protected you from your own wants, needs, desires etc. You know, those things you were like "God PLEASE let me have this...or let me do that." Those things you want SO some point in your life. We all have had those "things" that we thought would make us totally happy so we prayed, lost sleep, spent money, lost hair, weight and our minds! At that time, (and I'm repeating that for a reason), we thought if God had given us what we wanted that the rest of our lives would be great!

Which leads me into the reason for this particular blog. Many times God is in fact working things out for us and we must understand that if he tells us "No"....there is that ALL knowing, ALL seeing element of Him that we should find peace with. Meaning, we should be ok with whatever his answer is because if it is good for us, not only for our NOW but for our future, he would not withhold it. However, if that ALL knowing and ALL seeing element says that, that particular something is NOT going to be good for you not only in your NOW but in your future, I'm sure that "No" for your protection. It's not always easy to see how God is working on your behalf, leading you, intervening in your life and protecting you from things...while you're in the midst of a situation. You may be in a state now where you are desiring something or praying for something to happen (or not happen) and perhaps God is saying "no" to you, He may be saying "not right now" but either way we must be okay with that. Trust ME, it's Not easy...Lord knows it's not. But it's for the good of your own mental well-being to look at life from this perspective.

To me, hindsight is more than just 20/20...I think hindsight provides US with a clear view and confirmation of exactly how God worked something out on our behalf, even when we didn't know He in fact was! more than just realizing a decision you've made was a good or bad's a way of seeing just how God had mercy on us and protected us from making critical mistakes. Or how He provided us with ability to make a great decision about something! I'm not sure about all of you but I do need that little extra encouragement sometimes that he is in fact leading me and walking with me in my life. This hindsight provides me with just that because I can SEE just how His, no's, wait's, and later's have actually been for my best interest.

My example: When I was 14, I LOVED KCi from Jodeci! Me and unnamed persons *snickers* met Jodeci, I gave Kci my phone number, he called me and I so wanted to marry him! I mean Jodeci was EVERYTHING and I just knew if he liked me and we talked he would want to marry me as well! He was soooo cute, sexy and wanted by millions of chicks around the world! But God knew where I would be later on in well as where Kci would be later on in life and let's just say ummm....Things wouldn't have worked out. (You may laugh)....All I knew is that I wanted to marry Kci. Period. (Pause)
But I wanted to marry THIS KCi--------->

NOT This one

Nor This One!! Ugh!


Now that you've laughed at my expense...have a wonderful week!
Happy Birthday to ME 11/22!


  1. LMAO! hilarious...but KCi?? Uggghh!! Think about the kids for God sake. LOL. Even when he was rich and famous that thang was a grotesque mess. LOL! but that was ALL you. But definitely I needed this b/c u know what has been my hang up 4 the past X amt of yrs. And all I can do is say that its not 4 me and God knows and is keeping me from it 4 my protection and quality of life. And maybe w/ having that will prevent me from truly embracing God and being obedient 2 his will and his way. So as much as it hurts, as much as I really want it, as much as I think in my narrow vision that this will be truly something good in my life I have 2 accept God's "no" or "later" and know that God is in control and I should not only respect and adhere 2 the "no" or the "later", but realize that this has drawn me closer 2 God and stronger in my faith and belief w/o having 2 know the outcome and forcing an issue that may not be right 4 me. Its always easy 2 be like "Thank you God" when we know what God has/is keeping us from, but when you dont know and decide 2 just surrender and put ur life in God's hands and trust in him...baybaaaay...its a marvelous thing b/c I know God only wants the best 4 me and will never disappoint me or hurt me and 4 THAT I say, "Thank you God".

  2. IM wit LOE - Kci tho Boo, umm umm! Anyway - I am a firm believer in GOD's Power! When we get in our own way, we mess it up and GOD is always there to make it right for us. Even when we fail to give him the glory and honor, HE will never leave us or forsake us. GOD's grace and mercy endures forever, so when we get in our flesh (a lot of the time), GOD will guide you to where HE wants you to be. Booo - GOD had no plans for you and Kci, I like this!

  3. Although I know that ALL things work according to HIS WILL and not mine...No is always a hard pill to's just like your momma telling you NO without a reason (just because she said so) and of course she always had good reason that you may not have understood at the time but you later learned that the NO was for your best interest not because she was just down right MEAN. And I am so HE denied your request for that union (lol) but on the flip side you could have been a reality tv star on your road to recovery!

  4. Haha! Thank you all for your feedback.

    Lee: Yes, it is a VERY hard pill to swallow. You hit it on the head! My own show would have been nice but being connected to Kci would have been a blower! lol

    Ayanna: We all put our hands in the "pot" at some time or another and mess things up but it is wonderful to know that when we do...He will still work it out for our good! You are so correct about that. God probably laughed OUT LOUD at me and said, "Girlll IF you ONLY could SEE what I know is goin to happen in about 20 years...!"

    Loe: I cannot wait to see how your story unfolds. I think I'm more excited than you are to see all the wonderful things God has in store for you! You're faithful and I know that He grants favor to those that ARE faithful. Please remember that. As far as know he was supe dope back then ;-)

  5. sometimes we think God has said No but in actuality it was just a Not yet. isn't that what they say? you may have KCi yet!!! ;)

  6. SCREEEEEEAAAAMMMM!!!! LMFAO!!! #IJUSTCANT....Girl, you're a maniac for those pics. We did enjoy ourselves! #RASTA