Monday, November 8, 2010

Are YOU Operating in Fear?

Operating in Fear

Mary Manin

The more I live & listen to the universe; I discover just how we as humans contribute in many ways to our own self-sabotage. That is, we allow the things we fear to infiltrate our lives, decisions, thoughts, actions and everyday living. We operate in fear, thus constantly putting up walls, barriers, and limitations on all the wonderful things this life has to offer. We drive people away with our actions or lack thereof when we really want them to stay. We don't apply for jobs and promotions when we really want to advance and maximize to our fullest potential. We do everything possible to "protect" ourselves from hurt, disappointment, sadness, pain or rejection so we create the reality that we feel will do just that. In fact, we go so far as to tell ourselves that, "this is just the way I am and how I deal." When in actuality what you're really saying is. "I'm afraid." I'm afraid to be hurt again. I'm afraid of rejection. I'm afraid of feeling inadequate. I'm afraid of being vulnerable. I'm afraid of the disappointment. I'm afraid of not being in control of my emotions. I'm afraid of really stepping into my potential.

Operating in fear will always keep you stagnant. It will serve as an internal means of self-sabotage. YOU, not others will be the reason why the very thing you fear will win and keep you stuck in a place of unhappiness. The defense mechanism we put in place to protect us from those not so good feelings, in essence is the very thing that will destroy and stand in the way of us receiving what the universe has for us. We allow past hurt, pain, disappointment and rejection to guide us through our present and future endeavors. We gauge our responses, reactions or lack there of on how we feel the situations will play out. We make decisions based on fear, we close ourselves up based on fear, and we make excuses based on fear. We do all these things simply because we want to protect ourselves from experiencing those things which are inevitable. This life will bring pain, it will bring tears, it will bring heartache, it will bring let-downs, and it will bring anger. This is not a blog to suggest that you won't get your fair-share of any of the above BUT if you meet any of them by way of facing a fear I promise you, you will not look at the fear itself in the same way as you did when you avoided it. Once you begin to face those things you fear you will find your anxiety will decrease and the fear itself will diminish in strength because you've faced it head on.

Decisions made based on fear will always lead to a road of dissatisfaction. Think of times when you've made decisions based on fear: fear of being alone, fear of being hurt, fear of getting rejected, fear of looking inadequate....and how that particular decision only led to more fear based decisions and feelings of emptiness. Think of how reacting and responding based on fear only led to more fear, more unhappiness and more inner turmoil. Fear is one of the strongest motivators for well as inaction.
Many great ideas, programs, inventions and relationships have been killed, destroyed and unbirthed simply because of fear. Think of how many lives could be saved if someone put action behind their ideas in the fields of medicine. Think of how many people could live authentic lives if they simply stepped out from behind their fears and did the very thing that is burning within them to do. Think of how many couples could have beautiful, loving, fearLESS relationships if they let go of the fear of being vulnerable, being hurt, fear of the unknown, the past or being disappointed. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space. If you Love..fear cannot exist. If you cannot exist. We don't realize how much a negative impact living in fear has on our growth as humans. We don't realize how our fears are the things that stand in the way of our greatness. We don't realize how fears have played a critical part in our failures as a whole; our careers, dreams, passions, relationships, marriages, parenting etc. These are just a small faction of the many areas where operating in fear will keep us in a place of living beneath where we were destined to live. 

Some of the most destructive tricks of the enemy is convincing you that you are always right, protect yourself at all cost & stay in your comfort zone. God did not give us the spirit of fear. God did not intend for us to be alone. God did not give you the purpose of your life to have you sit on it in fear. God did not bless you with gifts to not share with the world. God did not give you a prophetic word to have you let it die within your fears. God did not give you a wonderful mate to have you destroy the relationship because of the fears your have from a previous relationship. God did not answer your prayers to have you stop and dig your heels in the mud out of fear of moving forward. You see, fear will prevent you from ultimately pleasing God. How so?...Because each of us has a purpose for waking up, each and every day. To live. But not only to live...but to live more abundantly. To give thanks and try to live the best lives we can. If he has blessed you with a skill, vision, dream, gift, relationship....we owe it to him to do all we can with it! No, we are not perfect. fact we are far from it but simply recognizing how operating in fear is shifting your life off course is a great start toward forward progression.

I challenge you today: face at least one of your fears by first acknowledging that it exists. Do some self-evaluation and see how that particular fear is having a negative impact on your life, growth & your potential. Then, make a conscious decision step outside your self made shell and face your fear head on. Walk in your authentic self. Stop allowing fear to stand in the way of you truly having joy and of you accomplishing your goals. Stop making fear based decisions that only serve to feed your ego, keep you in bondage and prevent you from living up to your true potential. Have faith not fear.
I leave you all with this famous quote. Have peace. Stay encouraged.


  1. Chanel: I want to compliment you on your writing ability and appreciate the thought provoking message. Self development and reflection is essential to the growth process... I am sure that I can apply this to some areas in my life...

  2. Affirmations by way of confirmation is always a sure fire way to know that the words, thoughts or deeds that cross your mind are definitely leading down the correct path. Thank you for your words, insight and wisdom.