Friday, February 15, 2013

No matter what...STAY Focused

Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to do the right things, better yourself or just trying to get your mind right...........HERE comes the devil.
Well, let me rephrase that... HERE comes all the naysayers, doubters, kill joys and "keep it realERS." Yes, the people who for whatever reason find it necessary to give you their two cents that you probably never asked for in the first place.
Along my journey, I found it very interesting how many people phased out of my life. I paid attention to the energy they brought...and took away from me as they left. I had to make a decision to cut some people loose because either A. they were just too negative or B. they couldn't adjust to the ME God was molding. My defining life transition was my spiritual journey that started three years ago. Some people who knew the old me took issue with the new things God was doing in my life. It's hard trying to remain spiritually grounded when natural forces don't want you to be. But...I knew if I wanted to remain on this wonderful path God was revealing to me I had to stay focused.
It was no doubt the BEST decision I've ever made.
When someone in your space is trying to do something better for themselves (no matter what your opinion is) encourage them. Give them hope. Don't be one of those people that kills someone else's dreams and aspirations. There is power in words.
Your dreams live within you. Not everyone will believe in your potential so it's critical that you remain focused. 
Ask yourself: Why now... are so many things happening to try to shift my focus from what I'm trying to do? Why now... am I facing so many road blocks to achieving my goals? Why now... are people so concerned about the positive things I'm doing in my life? Why now...are people and things from my past coming out of nowhere!?
I'll answer those for you. When you are trying to do the right things the devil will pull out all the tricks to get you to stop. Period. You just have to remain focused. Don't fall for tricks of the devil. You are on a road to greatness and that's why the devil uses people and things to distract you. That should be your cue that you're on the right path! The devil would not be so determined to stop you if something great wasn't on the other side. Trust me, I know. I'm living proof of it.
Whatever journey you're on stick with it. Be determined and don't give up. Success doesn't happen overnight. It takes work and dedication. You can and will achieve whatever you are setting out to do. Just stay focused!

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