Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time. And Emotional Wounds.

Time. And Emotional Wounds.

Hello Everyone! It's been a minute but I finally feel like I'm in a cruise control mode with the semester starting,    saying farewell to an amazing 8 day 7 night vacation, a few big Served Chilled Bartending private events, and family planning health appointments every other week...and making sure the home is prepared for the upcoming winter season. It's been so much going on but things have calmed down now so I can create another blog entry.

Pay It Forward: While in Clearwater, Florida for the day...I gave a young man and his family a parking meter slip so they did not have to pay. I paid $10 for a max ticket and it was still about 10 hours left to be used.

This blog will focus on the issue of time, wounds and healing. Think back to a situation in your life that really had a strong hold over it tears, pain, anger, frustration, confusion worry etc. Think about how much of an impact it had on your thoughts, daily function, sleeping & eating habits, mood etc. Now, does that situation still have the same effects on you & your life? Probably not. 
Speaking from personal experiences I can honestly say that I truly thank God that those things that held me captive emotionally, spiritually & physically no longer have power or a place in my life! It's like, you realize in a stolen moment, "hey...that no longer gets to me like it used to!" Things that really had the ability to change your mood, personality and mind-set no longer affect you in any way. That's such a blessing. I say that because you wiould be surprised how many people get stuck in situations and years later they are still allowing those things to have power over them. 
I'm going to disagree with the quote: "Time heals all wounds." I'm going to say that it isn't just time but what you do WITH the time. You can have all the time in the world but if your mind, heart and outlook aren’t changed for the will still be wounded, broken & unable to move forward with your life. So, let's change that to: "Constructive Time...heals all wounds." I would have never made it through my "wound season" if I didn't change my outlook about life, return to the center of my life & obtained the lesson from the situations. Those are key. There is a lesson & purpose in every situation. You cannot rely on time alone. You must be proactive in your healing, deliverance & victory. There are still some people out there waiting on "time" to heal what their mind continues to inflict injury upon. A sore doesn't heal if continuously pick at it. No matter how much time passes. You have to give it the proper care and protection to heal properly. The same rules apply to emotional & spiritual wounds.


Have an amazing week!

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