Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Holy Week 2011

Hello everyone, this weeks Blog is dedicated to the ultimate sacrifice; Jesus dying for our sins.  I'm so full right now because no matter what the sin is....He died to save us from it. To save us from ourselves.
Like us, in His human form, Jesus asked God to take the cup from Him. He KNEW what he ultimately had to do and didn't want to. He KNEW all that would come in his final hours. He cried. He asked "why?" 

This was proof to me that when I find myself in dark places I cannot beat myself up when I react in ways that are simply....human. Feeling like the things I do aren't amounting to anything. Feeling upset when I feel people misjudge or mislabel me. Feeling like, "Lord WHY ME?" Feeling like I sometimes have too much weight on my shoulders. Feeling like I've been wronged or treated ill by people that I loved and them not giving it a second thought. Feeling like I'm tired of always being the one that has to be the bigger person and show love, understanding and forgiveness. Then I remember....Jesus said, "Not MY Will but Yours Be Done." And I continue to press. I may not like all the cups dealt to me, but I thank God he saw me able to drink from the ones He has given me. I'm thankful that He deemed me strong enough to have gone though the things that I have...and I've come out like shining diamond! Gone thru the fire but Thank God I'm Stronger. Better Wiser! Enjoying this wonderful place that my life is currently in & just giving Thanks!!

I Thank Him for deciding to stay up on the cross just to save me.

Here is one of my favorite songs for this time of year.

                            Rev. James Cleveland "He Decided to Die"

When Jesus hung on Calvary,

people came from miles to see;

they said, if you be the Christ,
come down and save your life.
Oh but Jesus, my sweet Jesus,
He never answered them,
for He knew that Satan was tempting Him.
If He had come down from the cross,
then my soul would still be lost.

He would not come down
from the cross just to save Himself;
He decided to die just to save me.

Have a great week & enjoy your Holy Week services.

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